February 21, 2018

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Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority and we offer a variety of services to suit your needs.

Glaze Maintenance Washes*
Starts at $24.99/sedans, $29.99/small SUVs and trucks and $34.99/large SUVs and trucks
To guarantee your car’s sealants and waxes, we recommend bringing your car in for monthly maintenance. This service includes hand-wash and VAC as well as tire dressing and window cleaning inside and out.
Allow 1 hour.

Sheen Mini Detail*
Starts at $69
The Mini-Detail starts with a hand wash and VAC. It incluses a speed wax for those to whom time is of the essence. Recommended for vehicles that have already been clayed and polished. Additional chares for claying and polishing will apply. Allow 1 hour.

Buff Interior Detail Package*
Starts at $129
Premium interior care of your car includes vacuuming of the interior and trunk, carpet and floor mat shampoo, as well as minor stain removal. We also clean and condition leather and vinyl upholstery. For fabric seats, we apply stain protection. Allow 2-3 hours.

Polish Exterior Detail Package*
Starts at $169
This package is recommended for cars with a clean interior but in need of polishing to remove swirl marks and fine scratches. Great for black cars! Also includes interior vacuum and carpet shampoo. Allow 3-4 hours.

Sparkle A-la-Carte Services*
Add these services on to customize any package.

Polymer Paint Sealant: Starts at $99
Swirl and Spider Web Removal: $30 per panel
Fabric Guard: Starts at $35
Engine Detail: Starts at $89
Claying: Starts at $25
Headlight Restoration: Starts at $35 each
Window Polish and Protection: Starts at $30
Leather and Vinyl Seat Conditioning: Starts at $60
Carpet Shampoo: Starts at $60
Ozone Generator Odor Removal: Starts at $39
Chrome Wheel Polish with Wheel Guard: $25 each
Oxidation/Over-spray Removal: By estimate
Water Spot Removal: By estimate
Steam Cleaning: By estimate
Pressure Washing: By estimate
Vacuuming of Interior and Trunk: By estimate
Clear Bra: By estimate

Shine Detail Package*
Starts at $229
Recommended for most cars, this package includes everything you could want to make your car look like new. We machine polish your vehicle to remove minor scratches and surface imperfections. We also use the highest quality Carnauba wax to give your car that wet finish. Allow 3-4 hours.

Glimmer Detail Package*
Starts at $329
This is a superior detailing package for high-end cars. Using only luxury products, this package takes your car to the next level and includes a sealant guaranteed to last for a full year. We use a multi-layer process to create the ultimate showroom shine. Allow 6-7 hours.

Luster Corporate and Fleet Washes*
Starts at $20 for sedans
Starts at $25 for SUVs and trucks
Starts at $30 for large SUVs, trucks and vans
Includes wash, VAC, tire dressing and window cleaning; inside and out.

We offer a complimentary email reminder service. When you car is due for a maintenance wash and VAC or regular detailing, we will send you a friendly reminder. Sign up the next time you bring your car in!

We also offer free drop-off and pick-up service for your convenience.

Call to schedule an appointment today. We recommend setting an appointment in advance to ensure you get the time slot that best suits your schedule.
*Prices include taxes
*Prices are subject to change depending on size and condition of vehicle

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